The Ruger Mini 14.  Reliable, handy, good looking.  Did I say accurate?  While Ruger has made great strides in recent years the majority of Mini's need a little help to be accurate and interesting.  And if you get it done here you get it without the expense and weight of heavy barrels and the addition of questionable modifications.  I'll keep your rifle light, handy, reliable and ready for most any situation you might call on your Mini for.

 Package A  


Trigger job, bedding, gas port bushings, recoil buffer. 
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 Package B  


All of A plus barrel work - cut, crown, thread, parts install. 
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 Package C  


All of B plus single color of DuraCoat to metal rifle parts.
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All packages include return UPS ground shipping, but do not include the price of parts.

Individual Services

Trigger Job

Trigger adjusted for less pull weight, creep & takeup. 
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- $90.00


Receiver Bedding

Epoxy bedding for a perfect fit and tighter groups. 
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Detail Clean

Total disassembly, clean & oil.
Click for more details.  $85.00+
Barrel Work

Cut & Crown

Barrel shortened and recrowned for better accuracy.  Click for details.

Thread Muzzle

Muzzle threaded for flash hider or muzzlebrake attachment.  Click for details.

Combo CCT

Barrel cut, crown, thread.  Click for details.

Permanent Parts

MB's & FH's permanently attached for legal length or local regs.  Click for details

Gas Port Bushings - (Availability may be limited due to in stock supply)parts are available for individual purchase.  Due to the current state of parts uniformity, all series 580 and up will require you to measure the factory part in your rifle with calipers or micrometer so that I can make a proper set for you.  For series 181-197 I need to know model and series number.  This is important as improperly sized parts can potentially damage your rifle. Gas Port Bushings, set of 3 - $45 includes shipping   click for more details

Application 1 color 2 color Camo
Rifle Metal - barrel, receiver, etc $150 $200 $275+
Stock - wood, laminate, synthetic $100 $130 included
Magazines - per each, metal, plastic $15 $25 1 included
Optics - scopes, holographic, dot, etc $45 $75 1 included

All pricing includes disassembly, prep, application, curing, reassembly and lubrication. 
Camo pricing includes clear coat to level and flatten finish.


Rent these quality videos from SmartFlix and learn more about your mini and how to use it.


Get your tools & parts where I do

Folks ask me, "Why are your prices so cheap compared to others?"  That's a very good question.  In a single word, overhead.  I don't advertise, have an 800 number, or any staff to worry about.  I pass the savings to you because everyone should be able to afford great gunsmithing.


Did you know?  Even though the Mini14 is marked .223 the chamber is actually 5.56mm?  Ruger also uses a proprietary headspace gauge.  Now you know.


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