These videos demonstrate the procedures, tools, and materials I typically use in the course of gunsmithing my customer's firearms.  My goal is to inform you so you understand what you're hiring me to do, and better understand the way your firearms work.  As time allows I'll update this page with new videos.  All the videos are in Flash format, and rated as high, low and medium resolutions.  Be aware that the high resolutions are huge files due to the image quality, but the information is the same regardless of the resolutions.  If you decide to use these videos to perform the procedures shown you assume all liability for the operation and legality of your work. 

Ruger Mini 14 How-To DVD Rental
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Ruger 1022

Trigger Job - high
Trigger Job - low
Mini Bolt - high
Mini Bolt - low
S&K Scope Mount

Mini Bedding - high
Mini Bedding - low
Magazine Release
Gas Port Bushings

Trigger Job - high

Trigger Job - low




Watch  for new videos coming soon!